King Arthur’s Sister in Washington’s Court

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King Arthur’s Sister in Washington’s Court by Kim Iverson Headlee

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Is It Right to Write?

grieving-with-hopeI must start by thanking all of you who reached out, via social media, text, snail mail, and the like after an unexpected turn of events in my family. Your prayers have been felt, and your love has helped to sustain us.  It has been a minute (okay, several) since I felt that I could write much of anything, not necessarily due to my own journey of grief, but thanks to all that comes with a loss within a family. There aren’t just emotions to sort, but legalities and whatnot. Things get busy, and occasionally muddy, and you know my saying, “real life trumps writing.” We are currently walking through everything one step at time.Peace Journey

I felt that it just wasn’t right to write. Why? This was Superkiddo’s journey. It is definitely ongoing; however, the earliest stages were particularly sensitive. This is his story to tell, not mine. Although many bloggers give great details about their families, I feel there must be boundaries, and some topics are simply private. I decided to respect my household, and do all that I could as a wife and mom to support everyone. That required my uninterrupted focus. I thank you for understanding.

So, what’s next?

The sun will shineAs we continue our journey to our new normal, I am getting back to work. What does that mean for you? Well, there will be quite a few promos and reviews (hello, a lady likes to get paid), several giveaways, and hopefully, a return to all of the wacky things that make this site what you have come to love. Again, I appreciate you, and I definitely missed interacting with you.

Thanks so much for being the most awesome readers on the planet. I hope that you’ll stay with me. I plan on sticking with you.

I am back to writing, and this feels right.